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Our Practice

Malhotra & Malhotra is more than a law firm it’s a father and son’s life’s work. We’re boutique patent, intellectual property and start-up loving law firm.

The cost to prepare, draft, file and advocate for a utility patent application done by “Big Law Firms”can reach expenses can easily exceed $30,000. Boutique patent law firms have managed to reduce these fees significantly and brought fees down typically to less than $10,000. Our experiences working at these firms have afforded us the opportunity to analyze their operations and streamline them so that savings can be passed to you without sacrificing quality.

Our fees are significantly lower than the competition.

We stuck all that overhead a typical law firm passes to you, (the paralegals, the secretaries, the white shoe offices), all of the excessive and unnecessary expenses we have just put them in a wind tunnel and blew them off.

What’s the result?

You enjoy pure and simple intellectual property expertise, and business development counseling practiced by a father Kiran Malhotra with 50 years of engineering experience and a son Kushal Malhotra with an MBA, Ivy League Degrees and the energy to see your patent through to grant doing so with an ever present eye toward making that patent the most valuable asset your start-up has.

We understand bootstrapping. That’s what makes M&M a reality. So in many ways our practice is a labor of love, just like your venture.

We view you as a partner. At your request and discretion we often reduce our fees for small equity stakes in your venture. It’s not much, but it allows us to share your dream and gives us that extra joy of watching them succeed.”

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