The First Rendezvous

It’s up to you, the inventor to say to yourself, I want this patent and I want it done right. Inventors are dreamers (with a little technical knowledge). You are incredible forces for entrepreneurship. The fruits of your mind, your ingenuity have driven technology forward and built the economy we stand on from the ground up.

We’ve seen this light sullied by the inventor’s desire to do it all herself. Patents are complicated, they’re arduous, technical, protracted; they require deep knowledge and an understanding of specific legal language needed that can convince the powers that be that YES this is a patent distinct from all others.

Indeed, you as an inventor can go it alone. You could also pull your own tooth. It would be a lot more sanitary, less painful and of course you’ll be able to keep the blood off your carpet if you just went to a dentist. Isn’t it?
For patients, going to a dentist is a no-brainer. But for inventors, going to a patent attorney often seems like a difficult choice.

We encourage you to make that choice. Shop around it does not need to be us, but it should be some patent attorney or agent professionally trained to help you. The money you spend now saves you time, energy, provides peace of mind and yeah … gives you an immensely larger chance to grab yourself what you actually want; a granted patent.

Once you make that choice. We’ll sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which basically says that everything you tell us will be protected by attorney/client privilege and it’ll be for our eyes and ears only never to be known by the public. This provides you a safe environment to discuss your baby; your invention openly and with an eye towards creating a proper, successful patent application.

Keep in mind that signing an NDA in no way binds you to M&M. You can decide after signing that you don’t want to use us. That’s fine, your secret will always be safe with us, and we’ll never tell anyone about it. That’s the NDA.

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